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When someone comes to the church for the first time, looking for help, most of these times this person comes to an assistant.

That’s why it’s important for the assistant to present him/herself always c

lean and tidy, to be polite to talk to the one who is suffering and has just arrived, to know how to speak according to the Biblical instructions, never give their own opinion and not even try to solve the problem using their own thoughts or ideas.
The assistant must always live what he/she preaches, should never stop believing in the scriptures and in the power God has to perform miracles.

Remember that the first impression is the one that will remain in point of view of that person.

If any assistant assists that person anyhow, in a hurry, without any interest to help, that person may never ever come back to the church and will even “vaccinate” the neighbours, friends, relatives and colleagues against the church.

See what is written in 2 Timothy 2:15:

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”
That’s the reason why the Lord Jesus asked the disciples not to leave Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit would come upon them.

When someone really has the Holy Spirit inside of him/her, this one will think like God thinks. And the thought of God is to save souls
The one cannot have the desire to be an assistant just to fill up the corridors of the temple of prayer, but to help the neighbour, the one in need. Only the ones who are saved have, inside of them, the great desire to save the lost souls.
When someone is baptized with the Holy Spirit he/she receives the most important blessing in the universe, that is to have the Spirit of God inside of him/her, and then starts to have the desire and the responsibility to help the others.

That’s why no one can be raised as an assistant without having received the baptism with the Holy Spirit as the Our Lord Jesus said.

In this way, we must remain in Jerusalem, or rather, we have to learn first, to be prepared for this work, only then we will be able to go to the battle field, on the contrary we will lose the first combat.

When we are raised as assistants we begin to deal with souls, with “human lives”, and declare war against the devil who will not give in easily but will fight with all his strength to impede anyone to be taken away from his claws, this is the reason why we must be well in our relationship with God, in prayer, in our Bible reading, fasting, sanctification, and the most important: FAITHFULNESS to God in all senses.
To be an assistant is not only put on the uniform, but to go down in the depth of hell and rescue the souls from such suffering, which may be eternal, because for many there’s nothing else to be done, because they died without Jesus and are already there.

May God bless you abundantly,
Extracted from the blog "Obreiros em Foco" - By Bp Arnaldo Lanzelloti


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