Monday, December 24, 2012

Assistants in Focus Series 2 - Do, Do, Do

A major concern of those who serve God, should not be doing a lot, even if we have to, of course, but without ever neglecting the most important, our communion with God.
What good is it do many things in the church, to receive praise from the pastor, but not have time for God, not taking a moment to pray, read the Bible, seek the Holy Spirit, being in church does not mean being with God.
For this reason many servants are weak, weak in faith, they have worked hard and have not separated time to take care of their spiritual life.
The long and short of it, you do, do, do and never feel satisfied, because your inside is empty of God.

Many want to do extraordinary things thinking they can get the attention of God, but are not sincere in their attitude or intentions, neither inside, which is full of malice, grief and deception.
They do it to appear, but within them there is no pureness, simplicity and surrender.
God does not want us to do extraordinary things; He wants what we do to be true and sincere, with pureness of heart.
Only then He can pour his Spirit, because He knows when you give your best, which is all your life, there is nothing more extraordinary that you can offer Him.

Task: You who acknowledge you have been this way, from now on you will have your time with God every day, even though in order to do this you have to get up a little earlier to pray and read the Bible. You do not need to read a lot, but meditate on the verses you read.
After, tell us about your experience.

*Extracted from Mrs. Tania Rubim Blog


  1. "A servant has pleasure to do the things of God. You should always be in contact with the Master. To be in contact is to read your bible,pray,listen and don't over do. Anything overdone is a sin. Worse doing to please man and not God. The Lord of the work is Almighty God, He is the one to be pleased. As servants, we must protect our relationship with our God and make sure we set time apart to meditate on His Words." Diane

    "A servant must take very good care of his/her salvation and instead of doing things to impress the Pastor or others in the church or even outside the church in order to be noticed, he should remain humble an do whatever he/she does with sincerity. When you are truly serving God, it doesn't matter what someone thinks about you, instead you should be more concerned about the things of God and focus more on your spiritual life in order to protect your faith." Duncan

    "It's true we have to feed ourselves daily because we can be a hard worker and then just lose the presence of God and become empty and then fall. The word of God renews itself day by day, in the same way we must renew ourselves day by day that is the only way we will remain in the Presence of God. I remember in the past I used to work hard doing things in the church but I was not feeding myself. We cannot be a hypocrite, if we don't have the words of God, when the devil comes against us what will us use as a weapon to destroy him.' James

    "This message is strong because as a servant we have to know God so we have to make time for Him, so we can be used to do His will, because we are not working for ourselves. We have to feed ourselves with His words and put into practice and take care of our spiritual life so that we can remain in His presence. This message also helps me to search myself to see if I am just doing to please myself." Easton

    "If you are a servant of God, you should be doing something for the Lord at all times. All assistants must find time to pray read the bible and to find something in the church to do. We need to take care of our spiritual life. All we have to do is focus on the Holy Spirit and be sincere, true and have the pureness in our heart. If we are not in the faith we will not received the pure Spirit of the Lord." Joan

    " We as an assistant must be sincere to God in whatever we do because God knows us inside out, so we cannot fool Him, if we want to have the power of God we have to pray regularly and seek his presence as often as possible. God does not want an empty vessel to serve Him, we have to have His Spirit within us to guide and protect us and give us His direction,so we cannot do as much to impress Him unless we have His Spirit in us." Jennifer White

    "Sometime we work just to show the Pastor and the people that we are working but still we are far from God." Fay

    "What good is it to do the work in the church to please the Pastor and your spiritual life is not 100% serving God. We are to take care of our spiritual life and whatever we are doing do it with sincerity and with a pure heart, only the can He pour out his Spirit because He knows we give our best, which is our life" Barbara

    "As servants our communication with God should be our priority. If we don't pray, read the bible and seek the Holy Spirit we will become weak in our faith and this will make our heart dirty. Whenever we do things in the church we should bear in mind that it's the work of God we are doing and not in a deceitful manner to receive praise from the Pastor" Melissa

    "As assistants it is easy to get caught up with the 'work'and thereby putting God in the last place of our lifes. We must seek to maintain our daily communication with God, so that we may hear His voice when He is directing us. Reading the bible and praying should be a daily part of our routine, it should come natural, just like it's natural to eat and drink daily, that is what our communion with God should be, our daily bread." Khadeen.

  2. That's true men and women of God.We cannot forget our spiritual lives even if we r working in the house of God