Monday, October 28, 2013

The Assistant who doesn’t want to be the cause of any problem!

Surely you already know that famous phrase : ” I don’t want to be the cause of any problems!”
This saying is very common among the Assistants.
And who never uttered such words or thought so?

If someone sees someone else commit an error they don’t have the courage to speak because they think it might cause problems. She rarely takes the initiative, and never exposes her opinion. All because this infamous thought has been rooted in her mind.
She might even see one of her colleagues in war hold a responsibility and need assistance , but she won’t get involved, why? Because she doesn’t want to be the cause of any problems!

Sometimes when she comes to the church and sees that something needs to be prepared for the meeting , she won’t do it because it’s not her responsibility, and she stay in her “corner ” minding her own business.
She is very quiet. She even smiles a lot and is friendly, but she won’t say much. She goes in the church silent and leaves without saying a word. She hates the idea of ​​being the cause of any problem. She thinks that if she talk too much she will be seen in a different way.
When she sees another Assistant having a strange reaction to a church authority she doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t rebuke him or her, she doesn’t tell them it’s wrong and much less report the situation. Because if she does she thinks she will have problems with the Pastor and the other Assistants.
Just to have her name mentioned is enough to take her peace and think a thousand things. She is haunted by this diabolical concept of not wanting to be the cause of problems.
Dear Assistant who has been following me every Thursday, if perhaps that kind of thought and attitude has been part of your life, then, it’s very serious. Because this will cause a problem for both your soul and those around you. Think with me, if a person is like that she is imprisoned. She can’t help deliver others because she, herself isn’t free. She is afraid of the truth!
Look, we have to be balanced. We can never cover up the truth. Problems exist and have to be brought to light, because only then can they be resolved.
Those who hide so they don’t “cause any problems” are living in darkness. They are more prone to deceit!
And you say: ” But now I have to say everything I think? Do everything my way? Act without asking permission? ” Calm down! Moderation in everything is good. Use your reason. There is a right time and place for everything, but the truth must be told, whoever it may hurt!

Tell me and be honest. Have you ever had this type of experience? Leave your comments on today’s article .

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  1. Thank you Pastor for this post very strong,
    Before I used to have this problem of not speaking out to everything but today I don't make this be apart of me even when the feelings come cause I have learned as we are one body. We cannot see something wrong and don't say nothing about it because we don't want others to think of us differently. Remember what happened to the priest Eli in I Samuel 2:27-36....