Friday, April 5, 2013


Bishop, unfortunately my story is very similar to Lucy's. I went through the same process she did.

At the age of 19, my biggest dream was to have the opportunity to serve God, and I was pretty close to being bless
ed. But, I dropped everything for a man. I even handed him my innocence, thinking that he would stay with me. But, the day I finally gave him what he wanted, while we were still at the hotel, after he finished, he just said: "Finally, I got what I wanted so badly”. His words hit me like a bomb. I was looking at the devil himself talking to me.

I left devastated, wanting to die - not because of him, but because I had just thrown everything down the drain. The Holy Spirit had warned me about what was coming.

A few days before, the bishop preached about the traps of the devil, referring to the man or woman of our dreams, who is beautiful on the outside, but inside they are the devil in disguise, and they only have one mission: to tarnish our image before God.

The next few days were filled with suffering. I no longer wanted to go out with my friends and I stopped answering his phone calls. I felt embarrassed before God. I couldn’t even pray, all I did was cry. At work, I only spoke when it was necessary. All I could think about was that yesterday I had Spirit of God, and now I had seven spirits that were worse than the first one. I did everything wrong.

I can truly say that, I took part of EVERYTHING that the world has to offer. Parties, drinks, boyfriends, dances, fun... Everything was great - for that moment -, because when I got home, I cried a lot. I knew that wasn’t where I was supposed to be, and that I was not born for that lifestyle. Not to mention that I had no peace. I began hearing voices and could not sleep.

It was very difficult at the time. I lived by myself and that made the pain seem worse. One day, I decided to go back and ask for forgiveness. Today, I am married, I have a job, I go to school, but most importantly, I serve God with all of my heart. Today, I can say I am truly HAPPY!!

Diana Santos

*Extracted from Bishop Macedo's blog


  1. As I was reading this I remember a verse I read in the bible in Ezra 4:3-5 where the adversaries of Judah and Benjamin heard that the people of Judah were building a temple for the Lord God of Israel and so they asked Zerubbabel and the heads of the fathers' house and they said to them no they will not so the adversaries demanded and persevere in discouraging and frustrating them from not completed the building of the temple for God and this is exactly what the devil does to us, for us loose focus on the altar and serving God with our life. This is a constant wake up call for me to watch myself and drawing closer to God with my life. Thanks for posting this message.

  2. This is very strong you know, for myself i cannot wait until i lose a leg or a finger for me to learn that God wnated me to change. He gave us free will that is not going to change we have to make that decision to change. I learnt, i changed my life,but i have to take this for myself as a reminder.God bless you